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The total miles rowed in August 2011:

Day 1 7.7
Day 2 10.6
Day 3 12.5
Day 4 14.7
Day 5 9.2
Day 6 13.5
Day 7 21.5
Day 8 17.5
Day 9 DNR
Day 10 15.5
Total so far: 122.7

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In August Heather and I plan to take another rowing trip. Three years will have passed since our last trip on the Erie Canal in August of 2008. Each of the past two years there seems to have been a conflict or event that has prevented us from fulfilling our longing to get back on the water. Our physical condition has suffered because of it! We are both trying hard to get into shape to row again. I have lost 26 pounds and Heather has lost even more! Thatís over 50 lbs. that will not need to be pulled through the water! But we plan to row into better shape on this trip. We plan to leave on August 13 and row as far as we can before returning on August 28.

There are two canal routes in Canada that we have wanted to do. One is the Rideau Canal and Waterway from Kingston, Ontario to Ottawa. The other is the Richelieu River and Chambly canal from the northern end of Lake Champlain to the St. Lawrence River. We have decided to start in Kingston on the 14th and if we finish the Rideau with time left over we will do the Richelieu.

I always feel a bit uncomfortable writing to tell my friends and colleagues that I am going on a rowing trip because they anticipate a request for a donation! The reality is that I want to use this opportunity to let people know about what we are doing more than for soliciting a contribution. The past eight rowing trips were dedicated to raising money for and publicizing my employerís generosity to Habitat for Humanity. We can account for over half a million dollars in contributions and product donations to affiliates of this wonderful organization. This time we have chosen to benefit a cause which is close to home and our hearts.

Artistic Roots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cooperative art center whose mission is to bring together artists and the community through workshops and classes; peer mentoring; receptions and events; and to provide a venue for the sale of artistsí works. The cooperative is managed and run by the members. Membership dues, sales commissions, class tuitions, fund-raising and donations support the maintenance and financing of Artistic Roots, Inc., for the benefit of its members and the community. Their website is www.artisticroots.com.

We want to give Artistic Roots our support in every way we can. (In my opinion, it is the best place to find fine art and crafts north of Boston!) Of course one reason for our interest in Artistic Roots is that Heather is the president of its Board of Directors. We know they need all the support they can get! They are doing a wonderful job bringing art education to the Plymouth area as well as providing a very reasonable outlet for their memberís work and their new store adds significantly to the vitalization of Plymouthís Main Street.

We are hoping that some other friends of this gallery will pledge their contributions according to the number of miles we row. This has a way of motivating us to keep going each day to maximize our mileage! Of course, we appreciate any and all tax deductable contributions. Checks should be written to Artistic Roots and should be sent directly to:

Rowing for Roots

Donna Castor, Treasurer,

Artistic Roots,

73 Main St.

Plymouth, NH 03264
Donations may also be made using Mastercard, Visa, or Discover. Please call Artistic Roots Gallery at 603-536-2750 and they can process your payment over the phone.

Have a wonderful summer.

Gunnar and Heather Baldwin

Rowing for Roots
Rowing for Roots

Rowing for Habitat
Rowing for Habitat

Rowing for Damien House
Rowing for Damien House

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Fundraising Stats
Fundraising Stats


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Pledged to Date in August 2011

$1.90 per mile
$233.13 as of August 23

Total Contributions as of July 29, 2011


Artistic Roots

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